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At Sibbecks Farm Glamping we are seeking to minimise the impact our business has on our environment. There is still more we can do, and every year we improve, but these are some of the ways we are trying to achieve that.



All of the cleaning products provided with the tent are environmentally friendly. Our cleaning cloths are made from Bamboo fibres, which we can wash and re-use. The washing up liquid & hand wash are biodegradable to minimise their impact on the environment, and we use refills to minimise our plastic packaging.



We promote the use of local seasonal Isle of Wight produce to minimise ‘food miles’ and support low intensity farming practices that minimise their environment impact. The vast majority of the meat & vegetables in our food packages are from farms only a few miles from Sibbecks Farm. We recommend and encourage our guests to visit our local farm shops.


Our land

The Isle of Wight is rich with nature. We have resident barn owls that you may see hunting in the meadow, we have endangered water voles on our stream, and we are frequently visited by red squirrels….and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Since moving to the Isle of Wight we have seen a diversity of wildlife we had not experienced before. We deliberately keep large areas of our glamping meadow & stream wild to provide a home for this wildlife and allow guests to experience the same pleasures we have in seeing such amazing creatures!



Both tents have dedicated recycling & food waste bins. We can recycle a wide range of materials on the Isle of Wight and we encourage our guests to make use of this service.

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